Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alphabet Hunt

I just made a really cool activity that Kai is madly in love with. We call it "Alphabet Hunt" (HERE).
Kai gets bored pretty easily with most craft projects and such. His mind just needs to be stimulated a LOT. He loves the educational games on the computer BUT I don't like him sitting in front of the computer all day. So I came up with this idea to create a Alphabet hunt for him in a box of rice and he absolutely LOVES it.
I am sure in a day or two it will be forgotten and I will have to come up with some other idea to captivate this growing mind. But for know...this is IT!

Tagged By Britney

My good friend, Britney tagged me. This was a scary tag but I lucked out. The sixth picture in my sixth picture folder was the following:
This was Maya's day of kindergarten orientation. She is bringing her contribution to the class stock pile. WHAT A CUTIE!!!!

Thanks for the tag, Britney. That was fun.

So, now I am tagging...Jen C, Jen S., Jodi, Deisha, Amber Jenkins, and Lori Oheler

Just cross your fingers, open up the 6th folder in you picture file and post the 6th picture in that folder and then tag 6 more people.

Good Luck Ladies!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maya's 6th Birthday Princess Party!

We started the day off with our special birthday tradition birthday breakfast. Maya chose Sherry's for their hot cocoa and pancakes.

Maya's 6th birthday party was this last Saturday and while I probably went a bit too far and did a bit too was a BLAST! All the little princesses that came seemed to be having so much fun the entire time. At the end of the day while I was tucking Maya in and giving her a big kiss, she whispered to me "This was the best day ever, Mom. Thanks for making it for me." Need I say, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!

I started off the party by sending all the girls into hair and make-up with Auntie Cheryl and my mom. When they were done with that they were able to dance around to a wonderful cd I had made of some of Mayas favorite songs. Or they could go and decorate a goodie bag that would be used later on to take home some pinata candy and a couple other prizes and treats.
I tried to catch them while they were running around and dancing to get their picture taken with the Princess of Honor...

Here is a special SHOUT OUT to my mom and Cheryl. Thank you so much for all your help. I could not have done it without you....literally. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!...

(sorry Rachel, I am not sure how we missed you. You will have to come over later and we will take one then!)

When the girls were done with their bags and make-up, we went back into the "Grand Ballroom" and played pass the frog. (just like hot potato) Whenever the music stopped, whoever had the frog got to pick a prize. We did this until everyone got a prize...

We then played kiss the frog (just like pin the tail on the donkey). I drew and cut out a big frog and used some lips with each girls name on it.

We then went in to hit the tiara pinata.

After that, the girls sat down at the table and decorated their rice crispy wands (HERE)
Prince Kai even got in on some of the action!
Since the girls were already at the table, we had cake and ice cream next. I made Maya a princess cake this year that was so cute but probably took way to long (HERE)They had strawberry ice cream served up in goblets and pink lemonade ...

This girl got SPOILED. She has such great friends who care so much about her and were so happy to see her happy. I loved how excited they were for Maya to get to their present...

Each girl went home with a fun goody bag (HERE).

The party was so much fun and I know that Maya and hopefully all here friends will remember it forever. I had a very happy girl that felt very special and that made it a HUGE success and was all worth it!


I just got a phone call from my sister saying that her daughter won a recipe challenge that they do in her school district. I don't know all of the details...all I know is that I am SO PROUD of my niece, Abbie! However, I do know that any student who wanted to try and have his/her original recipe picked (so they had to come up with their own recipe, too) enters it in and then only one student from each school gets picked to go to the finals. Abbie was that one person from her school. Well, Today was the big challenge. Kind of like my favorite show, Food Network Challenge (which Abbie introduced me to BTW). There were over 100 kids and their recipes but just one winner
....and YES, the winner is......(drumroll) ABBIE CARLSON!!! YIPPEE! I am just so proud of her right now.
You will have to go to my sister, Jen's blog to get all the details. She promised to blog about it tonight!
I want to know how we can get our school district to do something like this. I think it is INGENIOUS!!!
Oh yeah, and guess what, my husband is on the way to the store right now to pick up all the ingredients for ABBIE'S HEALTHY CHICKEN BITS. We are having them for dinner tonight in her honor. YUMMY! WAY TO GO ABBIE!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Interview

I try and do a little interview every year with each kid on their birthday. The idea is to put them all together and then watch each year's interview together on their birthday. Here is Maya's 6th birthday interview. ...

Kai wanted to have an interview as well.....So here is his 3 and a half birthday interview...


So, for Christmas this last year anthony got me one of those back inverter machines (my Chiropractor says I "have the back of an 80 year old with back problems"). It was such a thoughtful gift and felt great on my back but I could not stand the pressure in my head from being upside down. So, in the end, we had to take it back.
So Anthony said I could use the money for whatever I wanted as long as it was to better my life(he is so sweet and thoughtful)
I have been thinking and thinking because I wanted the thoughtfulness of his gift to still be a part of my new gift.
After two months of deliberation, I finally came up with it.... I would sign up for the much talked about boot camp that the gym I go to offers.
I went to talk to the trainer about it and put my name on the waiting list because it is really hard to get into. She told me it was full but she would squeeze me in (I think because she knows my mom and dad really well) was my first day of the 10 week program. All I can say is....WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!? My arms are still shaking a bit as I am typing this. Oh man, I am dieing. *sniffle*
For those of you who watch Biggest Loser, my trainer, Katie is WORSE than Jillian (or so it feels right now) *sniffle*
So, here is to a better LIFE and a nice hot SHOWER!!!! -My arms can not take any more typing -Later. *sniffle*sniffle*

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Cha-Cha!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There
is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
- Dr. Seuss

It was 6 years ago today that my world, and everything I thought I knew about love, changed forever....When I looked into her eyes for the first time, I discovered what unconditional love was. I became a mother.
My baby girl is turning 6 today. I am so amazed by this child every day. She is the heart of our home. Maya is the bright burst of sunshine in our family and always keeps things alive and joyful...and LOUD! I am so proud of this little human being that we have been so blessed to have in our family for the past 6 years and I am so grateful that we get to spend the rest of eternity with her.

I LOVE you so much Maya-po-paya! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Abbie!

I am a little choked up as I am writing this post. (okay A LOTA choked up) My little Abba-Dabba-Do-Da is turning 10 today. How did this happen? When was it that I blinked and she grew up?
Abbie has held a special place in my heart since the day she was born.
While I was living in Utah, the Carlson's always lived close by and Abbie was my little bud. We would take special trips to the duck pond together and have slumber parties at my house all the time. I have so many wonderful memories of just me and my Abba.
I love you Abbie and I am so proud of the little woman that you are becoming. I am so glad that my children have such an amazing cousin to look up to. Thank you for your example and for being my little bud.

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Abbie!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Piggy Tails

For those of you Mother's (and father's for that matter) with baby girls, you will know of the heart wrenching that comes from the first piggy tails. It is just a slap in the face as to how quickly she is growing. As adorable as they may be, it hurts like....Need I say more. *sniffle*

I think Maya was feeling a bit left out by all the fuss Anthony and I were making over Addison. She kept asking if she looked that cute when she was a baby. Of course we told her she did and then we asked her if she wanted piggy tails and so we could take her picture. She lit right on up at the idea.....

p.s. Just in case you were wondering...Maya really was just as cute with her first piggy tails. *sniffle*sniffle*.....