Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Claire's day at Mrs. Phillips class

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bosom Buddies

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a visit from two of my best friends in the entire world, Tamara and Amy. We first met back in 1996 when I moved out to Utah to start the whole college thing. They have been there ever since. They were there when I married my prince charming. They were there when I came home from my mission. They were there after I had my first baby. They have been the kind of friends that no matter how much time goes by, when you see each other again it is like you have never been apart. The second they walked into our front door, it was like I was transported back to the Glenwood Apartments. Back to the days where life was all about having a blast every chance we could and where we were always laughing so hard that our stomachs and face hurt. We had so much fun being together again...just like old times.


Tamara and Amy, I love you both so much! Thank you for coming to see me and reminding me that true friendships never die. You guys are the best! xoxox!

The first night we stayed up late talking and laughing about old times and then we spent a day of shopping and eating. Later that night Anthony was gracious enough to watch our kids and Tamara's baby, Marissa and Amy's baby, Cameron while we had a fabulous girls night out.

Marissa has a huge crush on Anthony.
we tried to get a cute shot with all the babies...but Carmeron was not having it. Oh well, they are still pretty darn cute!

Maya loved being the little babysitter

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Addison is just learning to give kisses and boy does she give some of the YUMMIEST kisses. Nothing but tongue. It is just so cute!

Sizing up her prey....

assume the tongue.....
going in for the kill.....
and that is what we call a YUMMY kiss!

Now here she is in action....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kai in a pickle...

Last night Kai asked if he could have a pickle. Anthony got the pickles out of the fridge for him and set the jar on the counter while he started to pick some out. Kai looked at the jar, confused. Kai then started to say that he didn't want those pickles, he wants another kind of pickles.
"No Kai, this is all we have. It is these pickles or no pickles."
Kai continued insisting we get some other pickles for him.
Finally Anthony asked, "Why do you want other pickles? What is wrong with these? These are the kind that you always eat and you love them."
"No they are not!" said Kai, "those are baby pickles, they are for babies!"
We then had to explain to him that the pickles themselves were babies, they weren't pickles that are FOR babies
It is times like these that make it kinda difficult having a 3 year old that can read.

Halloween Photo Shoot

Part of our Halloween tradition is to take the kids to get their photos taken in their costume. And then every year we pull out the photos from years past and display them as part of the Halloween Decor. I got this idea from my friend Kelly and have done it every year since Maya was a baby. This year we went to the studio that Cheryl works at. It is Lisa Dillon Photography. She did a food drive where if you bring in a can of food, you get a free photo shoot for your child. What a great idea! We got our photos from Lisa today. They turned out so very cute. Thank you so much for doing the food drive, Lisa. And, thank you for telling us about it auntie Cheryl!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Date Night

Anthony and I try and take the kids out on their very own special dates every now and then. We usually try and make sure Anthony is the one taking them since he is so busy and loves the one on one time with the kids. BUT this time I got to take Maya on a special date to go see High School Musical 3. She had been beside herself excited all week for this one. Her cousins, Abbie, Kate and Claire had already seen it so that made it even more exciting for Maya. I had such a blast with my girl. I am just so in love with her.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Waiting for the bus

Maya LOVES to take the bus to school. Every morning while she waits for the bus she is always so excited and ends up doing some of the cutest things. This video is the end of her hyperactivity this particular morning. She sure keeps life spicy and keeps me laughing all the time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I have my tickets!

I can't wait! I just bought some tickets to go see Twilight with all the girls. YIPPEEEE!!!

Halloween Party!

So this is pretty much what I have been up to the past few weeks. Our ward had an incredible Halloween party last Friday and I just happened to be on the activities commitee. I had a blast helping to plan the party but it did take quite a bit of my time and just a tad on the stressed out side. BUT, it is over now and everyone that came (and there were a ton of people there) seemed to have a blast so it was all worth it.

Our cute little teddy bear. All of our kids have used this costume at least once, you can see why.... they all look so darn cute in it.
this is our neighbor and friend, Cristy with Addison. She was so great to take around our kids with hers while I was trying to take care of all the party stuff. Thank you, Cristy
Our cute little witchy poo. Maya insisted on getting black hair spray to put on her hair. We found out quickly that curly blonde hair and cheap black hairspray do not mix. It turned out being a huge ratty mess. Oh well, it was fun for her.

When I was thinking up Kai's costume this year I thought a lot about how easy it would be if he just loved the power rangers and transformers or Spider Man like all the other little boys. Then I could just go to Target and get him a typical boy costume and call it a day. But those of you who know Kai, know that he could care less about all the typical boy things. If it has a alphabet letter on it, he is in love. SO I came up with the idea of having Kai be a "SUPER KAI" and putting a bigh K on the front of him and on a cape. A mother always knows what is best, I guess, because Kai LOVED it!!!!

Kai and his Dadda

Instead of the usual trunk or treating during the ward halloween parties, we decided to have people decorate the classroom doors around the church building. The main reason was we were not sure it it was going to rain or not....of course it ended up being a beautiful night but the kids didn't seem to mind being inside. As long of there is candy, and LOTS of it, right?

Maya and her BFF, Rachel.