Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips!

Nana and I took the kids to the Oregon Tulip Festival. Or, as Kai would call it...The Toilet Festiball. I think he was surprised when we pulled up to a sea of beautiful flowers.
We met up with Saralyn and the kids. I was a little worried that the Munchies wouldn't enjoy it that much but boy oh boy was I mistaken. They LOVED running up and down the aisles of tulips.

Kai was NOT HAPPY in this picture (can you tell?)

This picture just cracks me up. I guess it was too sunny outside because Maya was having a hard time keeping her eyes open...(very innovative if you ask me.)......

Nana with her beautiful girls (just a few of them)...

They had a lot of fun little things for the kiddios to do, like duck racing...
and playing on the hay...

and posing for really cute pictures...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Family Swim Night

For Family Night this week we took the Munchies to the YMCA to get wet in the indoor pool. The kids had a blast. It was Addie's first time ever in a pool and she LOVED it. I had a hard time keeping her from running into the deep end.
Kai, on the other hand, took awhile to "warm up" to the pool. He actually was surprisingly brave this time and walked all the way until the water got to his neck. This is huge for Kai so I am thinking he might actually be ready for swim lessons this year....we will see.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

I am just a tad behind.
Last Saturday one of the local Church's put on a community Easter Egg hunt at a local park and so Anthony and I toke our kids and Emma to meet the Easter Bunny and hunt for some eggs.

Addie was got to go on her hunt along with all the other waddlers.
She was so cute.
She hunted for eggs just like she does every thing else. She kind of just eased up to something that looked good, slowly picked it up and looked at it intently and then tried to eat it.

Maya, Kai, and Emma all went at the same time...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year, Anthony and I decided to go easy on ourselves (and the budget) and find fun things to do around our home.
The funnest by far had to have been our trip to Champoeg National Park that just happens to be about 30 minutes from our driveway. WHO KNEW! It was so much fun. Maya and Kai were so excited to be going camping and then when we got there and saw that we were staying in a "cabin" (a room with a bunk bed, table and a couple of chairs) they were just beside themselves. There are very few things in this life that bring me greater joy than to see my kids that happy and excited.
We had SUCH a great time.

Maya is totally into climbing trees and doing adventurous things lately. Sometimes I wonder what happened to my shy, little, "play it safe", princess.

Kai, on the other hand, still plays it safe hanging out on the first branch. And even then, Anthony had to stand right by him so I could click the picture. (see how nervous he looks).


We went on a couple of beautiful hikes along the river.

Maya wanted to climb just about every tree we passed....and there were A LOT of trees!!!

Kai collected quite a few sticks.
During our hike Maya decided that she wanted to "hike" down this hill (a cliff, really). It was SO much steeper than this video portrays. My first reaction was NO WAY! But, Anthony, on the other hand was like SURE.
I made him go down with her and about halfway down he had to carry her because she was freaking out a bit.

Hanging out around the campfire and roasting yummy marshmallows. MMMMM!