Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fireman Party

A few weeks ago I asked Kai what kind of party he wanted for his birthday and he first said, "a lots of candy and cake and bacon party." After I explained what a "theme" was and assured him that no mater the theme, he could have all the candy, cake, and bacon that he wanted, he then decided to have a FIREMAN PARTY.

We started the day off with one of our little family traditions by going out to breakfast in our p.j's.

The party was so much fun. A few of Kai's friends came and we lit it up fireman style.

The refrigderator box firetruck and firestation were a HUGE hit.....

Anthony took all the kids outside for some fireman training. He put them through a warm-up with some excersises and then had them each run an obstacle course. They loved it.

I had a great time making Kai's fireman truck cake. This cake was MUCH easier that the castle cake I had made for Maya's party. That one gave me far too many nightmares. ugh!

The pinata's are always a hit...(get it, a HIT) :)

Kai was thrilled to open up all his presents...

Later that evening we had a wonderful BBQ/party with the family at Nana and Papa's house. It was such an amazing time just chillin on mom and dad's beautiful back porch, eating dad's amazing BBQ chicken and enjoying great company. It is so good to know how much our Kai boy is loved.

This is the cake that Auntie Cheryl made for Kai Boy. SO CUTE!!!
and then my camera died......bummer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 Balloons and an Interview

We have started a new tradition among the many traditions we have for birthday's in the Pabst home.
We got Kai 4 helium balloons for part of his birthday. At the end of the day he made a wish for his 4th year of life and then let the balloons go into the air.
He seemed to really like this new tradition.
He especially loved having the balloons around all day to play with.

One of the old traditions that we have is a birthday interview. The idea is that each year we sit down on their birthday as a family and watch all the years of interviews and see how much they have changed. This is a great tradition that I love dearly.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Kai Boy!

Is he really 4? The age doesn't scare me as much as all the changes and growing up Kai has done this last year. He went from a baby pooping in his diaper and playing with abc's to a little man asking for a fireman birthday party and remote control cars!

My little baby boy is now a big boy and I can hardly believe it.

My tender, kind, hilarious, juicy boy is 4.

Happy Birthday, Buddy Boy!

I love you so much, Kai!

Monday, May 18, 2009

While the BOYS are Away....

...the GIRLS stay home and play, play, play!

This weekend Anthony decided to take Kai on their first ever Father/Son campout.
I remember when Dad and Spencer and Chris would go out on their mysterious Fathers/Son campout, my mom would make sure that the girls were not left in the dust. We would stay home and have a blast without them.
So, of course, I wanted to do the same with my own girls.


We started the night out by going out to dinner. I don't think I have ever been out to dinner (at at resturant) with just me and my girls and so it was quite the treat. *Sorry, I guess I don't take the best one-handed pictures (poor Addie)

After dinner we went and got a movie and some treats.
We came home and put Addie to bed and then Maya and I had a little slumber party with "Bedtime Stories" and a bunch of Yummy-licious treats.
What a fun night.

I must admit, I was excited to see my boys come home the next day.
Don't get me wrong, I loved hanging out with my girls....I just missed my boys.

P.S. The boys had a great time at the campout. Kai found a bunch of rocks and sticks to bring home with him and ate a months worth of marshmallows and red vines.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank Goodness for Good Father's

It is because of the incredible Father's in my family (especially the Father of my 3 little munchies) that I was able to spend most of Mother's day doing this.....

and the Father's did a whole lot of this....

(all the boys and only boys in the kitchen doesn't happen too often so I had to capture it on video)

Thank you, honey for another AMAZING mother's day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

7 years....

It was seven years ago today that I made the best decision of my life...I married the man of my dreams.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

I can not wait for the rest of the story.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Carrie!


Happy Mother's Day!

The kids and I wanted to make a post for you. We wanted a place for you to be reminded of what you accomplish everyday. You spend your life serving. You give constantly and get loads of diapers, laundry and dishes in return. You give of your body, your soul and most days, your sanity, to teach your children what it means to be loved intensely. Because their words may fail them sometimes, these pictures are their thanks. For those quiet moments when you are wondering if you are making a difference, please refer to the following.

We love you always,

Anthony, Maya, Kai and Addie girl.