Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Our family had a great time at the community Easter Egg Hunt this year.

Waiting in anticipation....

Coming back with some of the goods...

TOo Cool For School....

They divided the kids up into age groups. Addison's group went first and she jumped right in and filled up her bag. Later they did the older kids and so Addie was standing by my and I was gearing up to tape Maya and Kai. The second the lady yelled, "Go!" Addison was off and running. I didn't have the heart to stop her....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter at Nana & Papa's

Nana and Papa were going to be in Utah for Easter Sunday so we were all lucky enough to have a pre-Easter celebration at Nana and Papa's, complete with our new Easter clothes, an egg hunt, Ham, and yummy bunny cookies.
Emma was the lucky founder of the coveted"Golden Egg"....

Beauty of Oregon's Rainy Days

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Addie in a Nutshell

April Fool's

On the morning of April 1st, Maya surprised me with breakfast in bed. She brought up a plate full of beautiful strawberries and a tall glass of lemonade. After huggin' and kissin' on her for being so sweet, I take a huge gulp of lemonade and Maya yells, "APRIL FOOL'S!!!"

....and then I almost died.

She had filled my glass with 100% lemon juice from the fridge!!!!! I gag and quickly grabbed a Strawberry to wash out the nasty lemon taste in my mouth,

and then, "APRIL FOOL'S!!!!"

.....and then I almost died....again.

She had sprinkled a TON of salt all over the strawberries.
That was a very proud moment for this momma. She had totally pulled off a seamless April fool's prank, all on her own. Such a funny and clever girl.

Little did she know, I had some tricks up my own sleeve.

I am a pretty mean mom and never put sugary snacks in Maya's lunch. So, for lunch I had purchased a little snack size chips ahoy bag and taken all the cookies out of the bag and replace them with carrots. *hehehe*

After school Kai, Jonah and I played this little prank:

For dinner I made a "chocolate pie with pink frosting". The kids were beside themselves when I told them we were going to do things in reverse because it was April Fool's and have dessert for dinner. It was actually meatloaf with pink colored mashed potatoes.
Such a mean and sneaky mom, I know.

Let's just say, Maya wasn't too happy about the dinner trick.... Poor girl. She was so excited to have dessert for dinner. Ü

I wonder if she will try and pull anything on me next year?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Staycation Part 5 (The Aviation & Space Museum)

Nana and Papa took the whole crew out to McMinnville for the Aviation & Space Museum. I knew Anthony would LOVE it. However, I was a bit worried about the kids having a good time. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. They all had such a great time checking out all of the cool aircrafts and space stuff. It didn't hurt that there was a HUGE playground and a little airplane ride.

Thank you so much Nana and Papa (Mom and Dad Ü). We all had such a great time!

Nana and Papa with the kiddios in the Spruce Goose. Or, as Mom likes to call it, the Blue Spruce Ü...

Addie and Kai practicing their Pilot skills....

The Pabst's in front of the ginormous Spruce Goose...

Staycation Part 4 (the playdate)

We were lucky enough to have Daisy over for a couple of days during Spring break. On this day, Mother Nature was not on our side and so we ventured out to Portland where there was a HUGE Burger King play place. The kids played for hours and slept like rocks!

Maya and Daisy asked if they could give each other a makeover. I should have known not to leave them to their own creative interpretations of a makeover. I guess they meant "Can we makeover our gender?" SCARY!!

Staycation Part 3 (park tour)

We had another day of sun during Spring Break and so the kids and I took advantage of the weather and traveled to a few different parks for a little "Park Tour". The kids loved park hopping. We even picked up Nana for one of the parks and had a fun picnic there.