Saturday, January 26, 2008

Addison Adele Pabst has arrived!!!

Addison has arrived!! She arrived at 6:37 pm on Thursday, the 24th. She has all her fingers and toes and looks absolutley perfect. So far she looks more like Maya did when she was born but she also has a look all her own. She passed all her tests with flying colors and is completely healthy. I don't know how we lucked out again but so far she is such a quiet and pleasant baby. She makes lots of coos but has only cried so far when she gets wet in the bath. Wow! Knock on wood. Every thing went so wonderfully and we are so excited to have her with us.

Aunt Jodi made sure Addie had the grand welcome home. We pulled into the driveway to a sea of pink. Welcome home Addison!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2008!!!! The Allen's and Campbell's came to our house and we all sat around playing games, chatting and watching the ball drop. PARTY!!

Oh my goodness. Maya was so determined to stay up until midnight. I think before this the latest she had ever stayed up was 9 or 10. Anyways, she started to get so loopy crazy and funny from being up so late(just like her mom). After the Happy New Year hats, she ended up looking for hats all around the house and trying them on. She was being SO funny! The life of the party for sure! And she did end up making it past midnight!

Anthony was a major party pooper and ended up going to bed at around 10pm (he did have to get up at 5:30am to go to work so I let him). But I had to get my midnight New Years kiss in so I snuck up to our bedroom and planted one on him. Happy New year, Babe!

A visit from the Campbell's

Spencer, Saralyn and Emma came to our house for a visit the day after Christmas. It was so much fun having them here. Maya just soaked Emma up and barely let her out of her sight. Kai took some getting used to the idea of a new baby in the house, especially when she wanted to play with his ABC's. It was a good lesson for him, though, because boy is his life going to change in two weeks!! A new baby sister is going to be a bit harder than a cousin.

Just trying out my new camera again

Roxy going in for a big juicy kiss!!!

HTe kids had so much fun going bowling with the Campbell's and Allen's.

Wow, Emma, that is one Darling cheese face!

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas! It has been a couple of weeks now since Christmas, all the family and fun visitors have gone home, and all the decorations have been packed up again. So, I guess it is time to get back into the routine of daily life. That was always the hardest part of Christmas for me since I was a little kid, the days AFTER Christmas. The realization that "real" life is back and the vacation is over. So here I am posting our latest pics!

Christmas time was so much fun for our little family. Grammy and Bapa came to spend the holiday with us and the Allen's stayed in town this year, so we had a great time sharing the fun and sweet spirit with everyone.

We left some yummy treats for Santa and his reindeer!

Maya's big present from Santa this year was a BIG princess castle. She was very insistent and wanting a castle...NOT a doll house. So Santa had to work extra hard on this gift this year but it was all worth it, I am sure, when he saw the look on her face....PRICELESS!

One of our favorite traditions at Christmas time comes from the Pabst side of the family. Santa stuffs a "surprise ball" in every one's stocking. The surprise ball is a bunch of fun little treats and presents all wrapped up in a ball with crepe paper. As you unroll the ball, little surprises come falling out. Last year Kai was still a little too young to really unwrap his on his own. So this year he went to town on it. the patience of unrolling the ball did not go over too well with him and he ended up just tearing it up. He even resorted to using his teeth a few times to get down to the good stuff.
Anthony got baby sister a cute bear for her first Christmas present. Maya thou roughly enjoyed opening it for her and has loved bear sitting it even more...just until baby sister comes, of course.

As with a lot of people, another one of our traditions is to get new jammies on Christmas eve. This year Maya and Sadie ended up with the same ones. Total coincidence, other than the fact that Jodi and I both love to shop at Target!

Kai's big santa present this year was, of course, a full set of big ABC magnets. He got a few other presents as well but he never really left his new ABC's. So much for trying to introduce him to new fun toys. He is officially obsessed. Anyways, he turned up the super cute when he set up baby sister's bear and taught the ABC's to it. He is just sooooo juicy!

THis is just a funny picture of me trying out my Christmas present. My new camera!!! My husband spoils me!

When we let Roxy out to go to the bathroom this morning, there was a lot of snow. When she came back in she was literally covered in tiny little snow balls. We had to put her in the laundry room by the heater to defrost.