Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a bunch of cutie patooties!
This picture was taken BEFORE the easter egg hunt. After church the kids were told not to go in the back yard while I and Aunt Jodi were "checking to see if the Easter bunny had come". However, notice the boiled egg in Kai's hand. What a little sneak, no one even saw him back there!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Addison's Announcements

I had so much fun makeing Addison's announcements. I couldn't decide between the two so I sent out half and half. So I will post them both here on my blog.

It was so good to have so many friends and family come into town for Addison's blessing. Here are just a few of the pictures. I was to busy visiting with everyone to take too many pictures so I will have to wait until those who did email them to me. Our house was bursting at the seems with so many loved ones. It was amazingly wonderful! Thanks to all that came and made it such a memorable day.

Of course Nana and Auntie Cheryl had to do the Utah shopping tour while they were here and part of that tour is Gardener's Village. Emma and Kai loved playing with the duckies there and it helped relieve them from the dreaded shopping and "no touching!"

After family portraits we took the girls to build a bear. It was Maya's first time and she had an absolute blast!!

Nana and Emma

Addison's first smiles!

She is growing up so fast. It is amazing how just the simple smiles change everything. She is developing such a fun personality.

The Carlson's are here!

Yipee!! Jen and Kent and the kids are the first of the stampeed to our house for Sadie's baptism and Addison's blessing. I am so thrilled. I miss them so much and can't believe how much my girls and Jakey boy have grown in just 3 months. This whole "time" thing really sucks sometimes.
Jen was really craving a Cafe Rio salad and the kids needed to let out some energy and excitement and so we went to fat catz to bowl and eat.

Maya and her Claire Bear

Maya and her Abba

Maya and her Kate-y-poo

Kai and his "What the....?" face.

Temple Day

We had such a fun day today. I took Maya, Kai, Addison and Sadie to the Provo temple so that I could take some pictures of Sadie for the video that I am making fr her baptism. We first went to the salon to get Kai his first "real" hair cut. Jodi or I have cut it a few times but this was the first time he got to sit in a big chair with the apron and all. He did so good and barley mooved an inch. The lady said he was the best kid she has ever given a hair cut to. He definatley deserved the sucker afterwards.
We had one of the first sunny days in a long time here in Utah so I took the kids to the temple for some pictures and a picnic.
After the temple we went to Stan's DIner and I treated the kids to their yummy flavored ice cream. What a perfect way to end a perfect day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Maya!

Yipee! Maya is 5. She is growing up so fast. We had such a fun party at Jumpin Jacks and then had every kids dream dinner....a table full of fries and nuggets and then cake and mcdonalds ice cream. Maya had a blast!

Happy Valentines1

The Cupid came to visit our house and made valentines day so fun. We had red heart pancakes for breakfast under a red umbrella of balloons and streamers.