Sunday, April 27, 2008

MAYA's Preschool Portrait

Since we are moving, Maya's last day at Raspberry Sawhorse Preschool is this coming Wednesday. Maya and I are both so sad. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Jacke and all her preschool friends so much. This is the school portrait that she had taken this year. Seriously, maybe I am a bit partial, but could she be any CUTER!!!!! Man, I love this girl!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Out of this world!

Maya had Alien Day at school today. We had so much fun throwing together her space outfit. She is the cutest alien I have ever seen!


OH MY! My sister, Jen just emailed me these pics of her 1 year old son, Jake. They are so heart wrenching, I just had to post them. While we were in Moab, Jake walked up to Kent's motorcycle and grabbed onto the scorching hot pipe. Jen and Kent had to rush him to the emergency room. His hands are covered in second and a couple of third degree burns. He has to have both hands constantly wrapped and his blisters drained. I do not know how Jen is able to do it. I would go ballistic! He is doing so much better now. Look at that smile on his face. Children are so resilient! Poor Jakey.

Weekend in Moab!

We spent last weekend in wonderfully warm, Moab, Utah. The Carlson's had been planning a trip there with some friends from Colorado for awhile and since we would only be 3 hours away, we decided to take a trip south to get our Carlson fix. We had a blast! And it was SO worth it. It really sucked coming home to 6 inches of snow. SPRING...where are you!

Okay, so I have been to Moab plenty of times. Once for a marathon and a few times as a single college kid with a bunch of friends, but NEVER as a mother of three. It was crazy stressful. Most of the hikes we went on had trails right up against shear cliffs that dropped HUNDREDS of feet. No barriers at all. Just comfortable, safe ground and then...woopsie, a long drop to a terrifying death. Even with Anthony and I both, I had a huge headache at the end of the day from all the stress. But, hey it sure was beautiful!

The Carlson's brought there four wheelers and the kids had a blast with them. Jen took Maya for a ride. I was surprised at how brave she was.

Isn't this picture GORGEOUS....the arch and scenery are pretty beautiful, too :)
Terrible TWOs....I don't think so. Terrible 3's is more like it. We went to down town Moab to eat and walk around and Kai was being such a handful. He was running way ahead of us and darting off. He was stressing me out. Maya would have never wandered away and so this is new for me. SO, Anthony thought it would be a good idea to "keep him close". He asked a clerk at one of the stores if they had a rope or something and so he used it to tie up Kai. Poor kid. But it was SO funny!

Oregon OR Bust!

Well, it is official. Anthony has been accepted to OHSU in Portland to get his Nurse Practitioner Degree and so we have decided to accept and move to Oregon. School starts June 14th and so we have to move pretty fast. We are planning on keeping our home and saleing it when the market picks up. Probably rent it out. We are so excited for this change in our lives. Maya and Kai are so excited to be closer to Nana and Papa, Spencer, Saralyn, Emma, Chris and...of course, Stitch. So, the next few weeks are going to be rather hectic and exciting for us. Thank goodness for blogs so that no matter where we go, you can all still keep in touch!