Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Addie!!!

Addie's 2nd birthday was on Sunday. We had a little get together with some family and friends. She had so many people there that love her and care about her. She is one lucky (and incredibly adorable) little girly!!

can you guess what Addie's big obsession is these days?.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunny Day....

We finally had a beautiful, gloriously, sunny day on Saturday.
So what did we do....go to the park, of course!!!

Steph at school

Maya has been learning about the weather this last week at school. When Stephanie heard this, she practically bent over backwards to make sure she could get to Maya's class asap and talk about being a meteorologist. The other 1st grade teachers were so excited about this so she ended up talking to the entire first grade. We love you Steph, thank you so much for making Maya's day (or whole week, month....you get the picture)
I am sure she (and her friends) will remember this for a VERY long time.

During her newcast later that day, Steph put up a picture she took with the entire first grade

Monday, January 11, 2010

One proud Mom

Kai had his first experience on the pulpit during primary yesterday as he recited the 1st article of faith.....by himself!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Years Sushi

Every New Years for the past few years, Anthony has made his delicious Sushi. It requires a special trip to the Asian Market and a WHOLE LOT of time so it is no wonder I can only get him to do it once a year. But when he does.......oh man is it good!!!

{I am so lucky.Ü He really is the poster-child for a "Jack of all trades!" }

Since Maya is totally into baking/cooking right now, she HAD to help out with the sushi this year.

and then Addie HAD to join in. She hoped right up on the chair and put on her own glove....so Juicy!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!

family, friends, my little munchies, food, hubby, card games, food, noisemakers, food, party hats, firecrackers, food and the new Wii. What more could you ask for.....oh yeah, and LOTS of Diet Coke!

Christmas Morning

One of my favorite moments was when Addie opened her Elmo doll...Oh man, this girl kills me.

HALLELUJAH! The Pabst's finally have a Wii (thank you Grammy and Bapa!)

We (my siblings and I) decided on getting mom a picture frame to put individual pictures of all her grandbabies for Christmas but I couldn't find a frame anywhere that came close to what I had in my mind for a frame....so I drew it on paper and gave it to my amazing husband and he was able to run to good ol' Home Depot, pick up some supplies and make it. I LOVE that about Anthony. He can make or do just about anything. I am so lucky.
Now Mom has a HUGE frame that fits all of her grandkids {plus a few "vacant" spots just in case ;) }

Maya got a BFF club doll from Nana and Papa and it came with a "Cootie Catcher" {remember those?} Steph was nice enough to teach Maya how to use it and then played with her forever!

(thanks Steph Ü)