Monday, October 22, 2007

More Pictures from the Beach!

Uncle Spencer took a ton of pictures at the beach reunion with his nice new camera. I just got them all uploaded to my computer and so I picked out a few of my favorites.

The entire Campbell Clan reunion photo.... What a good looking bunch!

Emma Nanette Campbell.....such a cutie patootie!

Emma and Saralyn at the beach

Maya just chilln' at the warm camp fire.

Kai practicing his horse shoe skills at the camp site.

Pampered Princess!

Maya was a Queen for the day. She got her first big girl hair cut at a salon today. Usually she usually gets her hair trims from her mommy but I wanted her to get a really cute hair cut this time that I just didn't have the talent to do. It was well worh it. Maya was so thrilled to have her hair shampooed and feel like such a big girl and the hair cut is absolutely to die for!

Let it Snow!

The acutal first snowfall in Utah this year was on the 29th of September!!!!! But this morning we woke up to a couple of inches of snow!!!! This picture is from our balcony. Please, it is the 20th of October! I guess that is Utah for ya. The kids were sure excited, though. Maya insisted on having hot coca and marshmellows for breakfast.


Every night when we tuck Kai in to bed, he has a specific list of requirements to send him off to la la land. He has to have his night light on, his tigger and poo book and at least a handful of his "A,B,C's" (those magnetic plasic letters that you can put on the fridge) He is obsessed with the alphabet and calls out letters wherever we go. He has a box of "A,B,C's" that he carries with him everywhere and plays with them all day long. No Joke! He is our little genious. Anyways, so he will look at his book and play with his letters for a while and quitely fall asleep with out so much as a peep. What a cutie!

Pumpkin Patch

Maya and Kai had a great time picking out their pumpkins this year. Of course Kai ended up picking out the ugliest pumpkin in the patch and Maya wanted the biggest one, no matter what it looked like. We went out to dinner afterwards and then it was home to carve them out. Maya loved it but Kai wouldn't even dare touch then inner goo of the pumpkin. What a great tradition and so much fun!

What time is it?

The Carlson girls are obssesed with the High School Musical movies and so we took a trip to East High in Salt Lake where the movie was filmed. The janitor ended up giving us a complete tour of the school and all the "hot spots". We even got to see the gym where Troy won over their hearts. The kids all loved it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Trip to the Children's Museum

While the Carlson's were here We took the kids to the Salt Lake Children's Museum. Maya and Kai love this place, in fact we have a year membership there and try and go as often as possible.

Kai's favorite thing to do at he museum is play in the huge water works area. He could litterally play there for hours if I let him. Two of his favorite things on this earth, water and balls!

Claire and Maya enjoyed playing at the police and firefighter stations.

Two of a kind, Maya and Claire had a blast at the local grocery store. They spent most their time loading up their shopping bags and then having the other "ring em up" at the cash register.

Upstairs there was a news room where the kids were able to look at the tela prompter and do a news cast just like they do on the real thing. Really, they didn't care so much about the news or weahter, it was just fun to see themselves on the t.v.